David Jiménez Figueroa
David Jiménez Figueroa

Designer, Musician & Video Producer

David Jimenez (Mexico City 29 December 1977) is a Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Musician and Art Director from Mexico.

Since very young he got interested in computers, music and cameras with a big passion for LP Albums, cassette tapes, and science fiction movies.

During his high school years he programmed and developed his own digital music keyboard and sequencer while he was studying computer languages on the early 90’s.

In 1995 he enrols in the University of the Valley of Mexico studying Graphic Design and taking music lessons at home.

After he graduated from university he worked for many iconic cultural magazines in Mexico City (2000-2005) as art director and art editor who gave him the Quorum Award as Best Magazine Designer in 2004. He also worked on contemporary art projects in Mexico and San Diego, California, USA as graphic designer collaborating with well known curators, and artists.

Besides his work on the graphic design industry, he never stopped producing and composing original music.

In 2002 he became one of the founding members of Konfort Records an electronic music Label and collective who promoted and supported musicians from Mexico and Latin America.

With Konfort Records he organised a series of massive concerts and released ten CD-compilations with some of the best Mexican electronic acts today, becoming also the first Mexican label to earn the international Qwartz Award for: Best independent Music Compilation of 2005 for the “Máximas Texturas 010” album.

In 2005 he decided to move to Japan in the search of international experience joining the United Nations University – Media Studio in June 2006.

During his 8 years on the UN University as part of a multidisciplinary team he worked on web design, video documentaries, dvds, posters, flyers, books, brand identity, motion graphics, music scores and colour grading; working with world top class researchers, editors, movie directors, cinematographers and collaborating with other UN agencies like WHO, UNDP, UNEP, and important organisations like Tokyo University and the Ministry of Environment of Japan. In many occasions he got the opportunity to meet and interview presidents, ambassador, and important personalities from all around the world.

One of his biggest projects at the UN University was the design of the award-winning web magazine Our World, where he worked on the layout, branding and photo edition from 2008 to November 2013. Presenting the views of scientist and researchers, Our World brought into play a particular selection of photos and infographics that made it a powerful product for the scientific-educational community.

Probably his most important work at this time is the direction and production of the short documentary “Plastic to Oil Fantastic”. A video with more than 3.9 million views on Youtube. A story of a machine that converts plastic trash into oil. The video went viral on the net and now many people around the world are using the machine to clean their backyards and generating their own energy resources from waste.

After many years of composing music for documentaries, David enrols in 2013 on the Certificate on Music Theory of Berklee School of Music concluding the same year. By June 2014 he finished his work at UNU and started his own studio in Tokyo were he continues living from Design, Video and Music.

“Creatives today should be interdisciplinary creatures who move into different platforms and technologies available.”